Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Dreamed I Met My Guardian Angel

I had a dream that I arrived in heaven and was escorted to my new living quarters -- my "mansion". I was introduced to my guardian angel, who explained to me that he would now be my personal servant -- valet, housekeeper, etc.

All kinds of questions began to flood my mind. "Does this mean that my house will get dirty and need cleaning?" I asked.

"No, there is never any dirt or dust in the houses; only dirt in the gardens where the flowers grow", he explained. "But you might, for example, not return books to their proper places in your library. I will make sure that the books are filed correctly, and will help you find books in your library."

"Wow! My house is furnished with a library!" I thought, hoping that he didn't notice the big grin that broke out across my face.

"The same goes for keeping your personal wardrobe in order", he continued.

"We don't all wear white robes?" I asked.

"Only on special occasions", he replied. "God loves variety, so He not only has made individual human bodies different -- both before and after resurrection -- but He also allows people to wear a variety of clothing colors and styles."

"Since you were my guardian angel," I began, changing the subject, "you must recall times in my life when.."

"When you nearly got into trouble", he said, laughing. "Yes, I have lots of stories about your life on earth. And I also have lots of questions. I don't understand about forgiveness and grace, for example. We angels -- I mean, the ones that sinned -- didn't get forgiveness. But we will have lots of time to talk."

I looked into his friendly face, and somehow I sensed a child-like innocence. Even a pet-dog innocence, I thought, though more intelligent and conversant than a dog. My heart suddenly discovered a love for this wonderful creature that God had created before I was born. And I began to realize that through my salvation and sanctification experience, God had taught me lessons about things that baffled this angel.

Impulsively, I reached out and hugged him, and told him that I loved him. He reacted with great surprise, even shock, it seemed.

"You love me?"

"Yes, God loves you, and He has given me a love for you, and has given me to you even as He has given you to me, so that He can love you through me." As I spoke these words, I realized that God had given them to me through His Spirit.

"Show me the library" I asked. He led me down a hallway, but before we got to the library, I passed another room that caught my attention. "What's this?" I asked.

"That's the music room." As we walked in, I could see many kinds of musical instruments arranged neatly on one side of the room.

"But I don't play any musical instruments."

"You didn't." He corrected my tense. "But you will. Haven't you always wished you could play a musical instrument?"

I picked up a stringed instrument, quite unlike anything I had ever seen before, yet it seemed simple in design. I plucked the strings, and found that I could remember the tone of each string. My angel friend started singing a song of praise that somehow seemed both new and familiar. A harmony for his song began to form in my mind, and I began to pluck the strings, discovering that my fingers were finding the strings that matched the notes in my head. "This is amazing!" I exclaimed, interrupting the song. "I really can play this thing!"

"You are surprised?" He laughed with joy at my obvious delight. "Who taught the birds to sing? And who taught the birds to fly?"

"You are so right. I remember that when I first got my resurrection body that I just started flying up towards Jesus, and it seemed as natural as walking."

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