Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Our Potted Herb Garden in July

The herbs are doing well, and we have already harvested some. They grow better if up to a third of the growth is trimmed now and then.

-------From left to right, below, we have chives, oregano, and rosemary.

-------Below, we have sage and dill, with petunias for color.

-------Below, we have more dill, french tarragon, and peppermint.

-------Below, we have (the french tarragon and peppermint shown again), tarragon and lavender, with basil in front.

-------Below, we have (tarragon and lavender shown again) thyme, with parsley in front.

-------The small hoses that are seen in most of the photos are part of an automatic drip watering system that is controlled by a timer. Most herbs grow well in pots, in a sandy, not-too-wet, well-drained soil. The basil and parsley like it a little wetter.

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