Sunday, July 03, 2005

Poetry of my Youth

I wrote poetry from when I was seven until I was married and got a job. For reasons I don't understand, I stopped writing poetry after that. But I still have some of the poems from my youth. Here's one I wrote as a teenager:

My Salvation

When I confessed my guilt and sin --
When did I let the Savior in?
I cannot tell
When Jesus cleansed each stain and blot;
The time, that minute, I cannot
Remember well.

I know I pondered in my heart
Whe'er He should enter or depart.
Within my soul
I was disturbed; I could not rest
Until the Lord dwelt in my breast.
He's now my Goal.

Since then I've known of blessings great;
Since then He's taught me sin to hate
And Him to love.
In trial and danger, dread and fear,
I know He's close and very near
In heav'n above.

Yes, I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was seven year's old. I don't remember a date, but I remember praying with my Mom at the southwest corner of the dining-room table. In my late teen years, I doubted, reexamined, and then confirmed my relationship with God, and that relationship has grown steadily closer over the years.

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